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The open-air Yunozen no Sato Baths and The Hidamari Family Baths. The bath facilities include meals, lounges, beauty salons, and massage parlors.

Enjoy a total of ten different bath types between
the men's and women's baths as well as a dining area,
lounge, massage parlor, and beauty salon.
The Hidamari Family Baths offer five baths of differing styles.
The water is changed out after each group of customers.

The outdoor Yunozen no Sato Baths

Enjoy the ultimate hot springs experience with facilities including the Yunozen no Sato, which boasts a total of ten different open-air bath types between the men's and women's baths.

Shosuke no Yu[Men's baths]
A large 150 cm tall sake barrel, located in front of the Shosuke no Yu, is the source of the hot water for the bath.
Kappa heaven[Men's baths]
The Onga River, which flows through the Chikuho Region, is said to have been home to kappa (a kind of river sprite) long ago.
Waterwheel bath[Men's baths]
A handmade waterwheel turns just beside the bath.
Cold spring bath[Men's baths]
A bath filled with cold water (cold spring water). Please use after a session in the sauna. Popular on hot days.
Steam bath (men's sauna)
The far infrared sauna is set to 95-100°C.
The Kaguya Princess Bath[Women's baths]
The Kaguya Princess Bath is so-named due to the Wakita region's long-standing reputation as a bamboo producing area.The view from the bath includes cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer, fall foliage, and winter snow.
The Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry bath [Women's baths]
This Japanese cedar bath includes a large picture of the Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry.
The four seasons bath[Women's baths]
The design of the tiles has been altered for a more retro look.
Sleeping bath[Women's baths]
This shallow bath allows you to relax in a stretched out position and helps promote sleep and tranquility. It is said to be useful for those suffering from arteriosclerosis, eyestrain, and insomnia.
Steam bath (Women's sauna)
The far infrared sauna is set to 95-100°C.

Pricing for Yunozen no Sato

Hot spring fee Adults 850 yen
Children (from age three to elementary school)450 yen
Children(less than three years old)100 yen
Free for customers at the inn.
Bath + meal Meal set 1,700 yen
Meal set is from the Yunohana restaurant.
You can choose from among 10 different meals.

All prices shown with tax.

Yunozen no Sato hours of operation

Business hours 10:00~23:00(Reception 22:00)
※ We will operate on a winter schedule from 11/1 to 3/31.
10:00~22:30(Reception 22:00)
Switching We will switch the men's and women's baths every Wednesday (except during holidays)
Available items Shampoo, rinse, body soap, hair dryer, towel (sales) 200 yen, bath towel (rental) 200 yen
Special discounts Discount tickets including round-trip bus fare and hot spring fee now available! 2,000 yen per person (Nine round-trips depart daily from JR Hakata Station) We also have discount ticket coupons available.
Please note If your group includes 15 people or more, we ask that you notify us of the timing of your visit, the number of men and women in your party, and other details ahead of time.

The Yunozen rest and Dining area

Yuyutei Lounge

LoungeYuyutei Lounge

This lounge is situated next to Yunozen no Sato.


Weekdays / 11:00~18:00
Weekends and holidays / 11:00~19:00

The Zen Handmade Soba Noodle Restaurant

RestaurantThe Zen Handmade Soba Noodle Restaurant

This soba (buckwheat) noodle shop offers authentic handmade noodles. Highly recommended.


Weekdays/11:30~15:00 (14:30 OS)
Weekends, and public holidays/11:30~17:30 (17:00 OS)

Restaurant Yunohana

RestaurantRestaurant "Yunohana"

In addition to our popular Kamameshi,
we have also refined each meal option and added a selection of small snacks.


Weekdays/11:00~15:00 (14:30 OS)
      17:00~20:00 (19:00 OS)
Weekends, and public holidays/11:00~20:00 (19:00 OS)

Popposhan charcoal-grilled local chicken

RestaurantPopposhan charcoal-grilled local chicken

Try our charcoal-grilled locally-grown chicken while enjoying views across a verdant natural landscape.


Weekends, and public holidays/11:00~18:00 (17:00 OS)
Reservations are recommended, as it takes time for the charcoal to heat up.

Massage parlor/beauty salon on the premises of the Yunozen no Sato

massage parlor Anju no Ryoan

Massage parlor Massage parlor "Anju no Ryoan"

Anju no Ryoan provides body care and massage treatment and is popular among both young and old customers.


Business hours(Weekdays)13:00~22:00
Reception closes 21:00
Business hours(Weekend)11:00~22:00
Reception closes 21:00

The Anju no Ryoan massage parlor is also available for men.
822-0133 Wakita507, Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka
Inquiry:+81 949-54-0123



EsteBody Treatment Salon “Restore”

Especially recommended for first-time visitors to a beauty salon. Men only permitted if accompanied by a woman.


Business hours 11:00〜21:00(Reception closes)
*Only by reservation
Closing days: none

822-0133 Wakita507, Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka
Inquiry:+81 949-54-0123

Recommended menu

Beauty facial (70minutes) 10,000 yen
Body treatment (70minutes) 12,000 yen 〜

Many other courses are also available
Male guests can also use this service at ease.

RV Park Yunozen no Sato

RV Park Yunozen no Sato
RV ParkRV Park Yunozen no Sato

One night Weekdays 2,000 yen Weekend 2,300 yen/unit (including trailer)
[Number of units for use] 5
・Toilet Equipped with restrooms

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