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The open-air Yunozen no Sato Baths and The Hidamari Family Baths. The bath facilities include meals, lounges, beauty salons, and massage parlors.

Enjoy a total of ten different bath types between
the men's and women's baths as well as a dining area, lounge, massage parlor,
and beauty salon.
The Hidamari Family Baths offer five baths of differing styles.
The water is changed out after each group of customers.

Family Bath Hidamari

Choose from among five baths of differing styles: Fukinoto, Seri, Tsukushinbo, Warabi, and Takenko. The water is changed out after each group of customers.

Five baths of differing styles
Enjoy seasonally changing views while soaking in Wakita hot spring water in a private space.
"Fukinoto" Tub and sleeping baths
Since the water is changed out after every group of customers, you can luxuriate in premium Wakita hot spring water throughout the four seasons.

Information regarding the Hidamari Family Baths

Business hours Weekdays 11:00~22:00(21:00 Reception closes )
Weekend and holiday 10:00~24:00(23:00 Reception closes )
Fee Weekdays rates for 1 room for 60 minutes All 2,700 yen
Weekend and holiday rates for 1 room for 50 minutes All 2,700 yen
30 minute extension fee / 1,000 yen (Weekdays only)
Available for guests at the inn for 1,650 yen.
Points of note We do not accept reservations in advance via telephone or other methods. Availability is on a first come, first served basis on the day of arrival. Thank you for your understanding. All prices shown with tax.

All prices shown with tax.

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